Resources for Schools

Guides and resources to help schools and school staff understand when a student is at risk of homelessness and help them connect to services and supports BEFORE they are in a major crisis.

Training for Teachers and Staff

Workshops co-facilitated by young people with lived experience.


Resource guides and websites for social services

Housing and Homelessness in the Classroom

How can you identify and discuss housing issues in the classroom with your students?


Working Upstream provides concrete evidence-based resources to inform school personnel of the challenges faced by homeless youth in schools and how to best support them. We expand current understandings of Canadian school-based experiences of homeless young people and generate concrete, evidence-informed strategies for enhancing the role of schools as sites of homelessness prevention. The Working Upstream partnership is committed to breaking down silos in order to work collaboratively towards our shared goal of creating effective school-based homelessness prevention programs that are feasible and cost-effective.


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