An example of criminalizing parents for student truancy is found in Saskatechewan.

Section 160(2)(d) of the Saskatchewan Education Act states the “attendance counsellor” is mandated to:

institute proceedings against a parent, guardian or other person having the charge or control of a pupil, or against any other person, who contravenes any of the provisions of this Act pertaining to school attendance.” [bold emphasis added]

Criminalizing the parents/guardians/other, potentially disrupts a homeless/housing-insecure student’s support network during what could conceivably be an already difficult time for that student and/or their parent/guardian/other which might be causing the absences in the first place. This could compound an already vicious cycle.

Therefore, the only way out of mandatory attendance is to get suspended or expelled, which can be achieved by giving up on attending school, whereas if one were to attend school as much as one could, if this fell under required minimums, one would run the risk of one’s parents being criminalized.